Toledo Free Press celebrated it 10th birthday yesterday with a special 40-page edition on March 15, 2015.

To ring in the occasion, we planned a commemorative edition. I worked closely with Editor in Chief Sarah Ottney and Managing Editor Joel Sensenig to develop a strategy that wasn’t too self-congratulatory. After all, there are newspapers celebrating one or two centuries in business.

For us, in this market especially, 10 years is a feat. We are proud to celebrate 10 years of covering this community and sharing its stories and are looking forward to doing that for many years to come.

I think this 40-page edition is a great tribute to that mission.

We went through our entire archive while planning this edition. That's a lot of newspapers and ink on our fingers! (Papers took over our conference room for a good week. See attached photo with Sarah Ottney.) I also photographed papers for our collages inside the edition. (Photo also attached.)

Included in this issue:
Our community ombudsman’s favorite stories
How we covered politics, business, sports, crime and health
An update on two former interns
Some of our cartoonist’s favorite work
The first columns written by publisher Tom Pounds and former editor Michael S. Miller
“Where were they then?” featuring local politicians
Toledo Free Press Star celebrates five years of covering local arts

For the cover, I knew I wanted to do something special so I stripped away the template, leaving only the banner ad at the bottom. My initial concept was to include all 500+ covers we’ve published since 2005. That task proved a little too ambitious since old archives are saved on individual discs and I was running out of time. Plus, I discovered that the covers, at that size, were too small to be anywhere near legible. Instead of having 26 covers across the width of the front page, I decreased it to 13. In the end, I was able to fit in 130 covers.